So Much Blogging

Quickly: Had a job for twelve years, got laid off, got another job. Joggle. We make a free brain train gaming for your iPad. Go download it right now. I am the Community Manager, in charge of keeping an eye on Google Adwords, curating scholarly articles about the brain, helping with in-game and website ad copy, etc. There’s six of us. Every download we get, it looks like I’m contributing. SO GO DOWNLOAD IT. And tell your friends. Tell all of them.

But now: blogging. It all started when I started this job and was told we would be blogging. So I began writing some bits and pieces about the brain. Turns out our blog is going in a different direction. So I created a quickie Blogspot account and posted them there. It’s called The Great Brain Robbery.

Get this: one hundred page views the first weekend. I was immediately addicted. I have no idea if those page views are meaningful or not, don’t care. I started posting twice a day. Then I read that more than once a day and people won’t read it. So now I’m down to once a day.

Meanwhile, I published a book and decided to blog to support that, too. Zombie For Life is the blog that supports Still Life, With Zombie, a collection of short stories. Buy it today. But some for your friends.

And finally, there’s ‘Other,’ which was my “original” blogspot/blogger blog, back in the day when a lot of friends where blogging and I wanted to be on the same platform as them. That blog has also become a daily thing, too, a place to sort of dump my thoughts about taking the bus and working in an office and just getting over 12 years of working from home.

That’s a lot of writing. what about good old fashioned Bukkhead? Yeah, I know, I know. sad and abandoned for a while, just a repository for book reviews and the odd short story. Tell you what, NaNoWriMo is happening right now, so  maybe I can discuss that now and again. Maybe. I mean:

That’s 3476 words today.