All self explanatory.

All self explanatory. Traffic in Seattle can be really bad, and the only saving grace is that there’s not far to go— that 4 hours, I imagine, would have been 8 in a Los Angeles or a New York. So I shouldn’t complain. And yeah, I lost weight at Weight Watchers, somehow, despite wearing heavy clothes. Only .4 lbs, but I’ll take it.

Friday was a blur. Got some work done (thank goodness) and went to Factoria (where?) to see our niece sing, then Ikea, then Wendy’s, the the airport. Been spending a LOT of time in the car lately, huh?

An active Sunday.

An active Sunday. Yes, we did wash the house. I’m liking how I put an item on a sign (Cleaned The Garage) just to add some interesting elements to the page. I also like how the lettering on December 12th turned out. But that NFL logo is an unblanced mess.