These tunnels are like covered alleys, connecting side streets in the old part of Lyon, France. Free to explore– be quiet though, as people still live in apartments accessed from within.

Ronald Bog


Maybe instead of “Photography 101” I should take a blogging course called “Abusing Adobe Lightroom 101.”

My “problem” was that I went out to take pictures of this lake and none were very compelling. So I did what I could for this one. Maybe overdid it. Oh well. I’m wracked with terrible allergies as a result of tromping through cut grass to get this shot, so, let’s blame it all on that!

Street Veins


If nothing else this course has gotten me to take photos I might not have otherwise taken.

Aurora (Hwy 99) at North 130th, from the pedestrian overpass.

Home is Where The Beer Is

…and a book and a place to sit and enjoy them.

I was just going to take a picture of my house, but my wife said “That’s too easy. You should take a picture of a lawn chair with a beer and a book.” Which reminded of this photo I posted on Instagram a few years ago.

I was planning on getting all fancy with my DSLR and Lightroom- but sometimes the simple pictures are the best.

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