I Can Embed Tweets?

Okay I had no idea I could do that.

Embedding Tweets in a blog post! That’s amazing! For an egocentric megalomaniac like me, being able to do this is truly excellent. Now, when I think of something pithy, I can share it on Twitter, (which I have set up to automagically go on Facebook too) AND on Tumblr (for all 14 of my followers– love you guys) AND now on my BLOG!

Seriously, how cool is this. Because me, I like to be heard. All my phobias and foibles center around this. I tried to set it up so that my Tweets just show on my blog page, but this is even better. It’s got that cheesy picture of me (wedding photo–love you, honey) and the follow button and folks can even click the star thing.

Certainly this begs the question: so what, Bukkhead. Who do you think’s going to read this and be amazed? People just like me, that’s who. My fellow megalomaniacs. Can’t you just see us, gathered in a room, sipping tea made with what we each think is our own proprietary blend of herbs and spices, glaring at each other and using sentences with increasingly complex syntax and decreasingly understandable vocabularies?

I like the challenge of saying something interesting in only 140 characters. Twitter is fun. And now, knowing how to embed tweets, I have the best of both worlds: the challenge of getting as much out of those two lines as possible, and the opportunity to expound upon my triumph at great length.

And since most of my tweets are about running, this will get me to write about running more often too. Huzzah!

Welcome to Bukkhead

Hello! My name is Jason, also known as Bukkhead. (I wish, back then, someone had told me that my chosen web-name would follow me around for the rest of my days. I maybe would have chosen something less awkward.)

Ah, but whatayagonnado. I’ve had my website since as far back as 1995, and have “blogged” on and off since then. Mostly just personal stuff. For a long time, entries formed nothing more interesting than a daily diary. “Today I ate fish. I was not very good. Then I read the paper.” Etc. BORING!

Lately, though, I’ve been trying to get into a blogging “community.” I’m never going to be a world-famous blogger with a million anonymous followers. So why not be a locally-respected writer with a few dozen blogging friends? That’s my goal.

I’ve been at it daily for a few months now- did the Writing 101 thing in April, and loved it, and have been trying to keep up the Postaday prompts as well. This is good practice for me— my first love is fiction writing and getting into a daily habit will help me get past those slump moments when my fingers hover over the keyboard but refuse to move.

So that’s blogger me. If you read my stuff, sometimes I’ll just do a rote wrecking-ball treatment of the prompt. Sometimes I’ll write fiction. Sometimes I’ll let Dale respond if I can’t think of anything personal I want to share. (Dale’s a guy I made up. He likes breaking the fourth wall.)

The real life me is early forties, married, could stand to lose a few pounds, loves running, photography, and surf guitar. That’s just a slice, but I don’t want to bog you down with detritus.

Looking forward to reading your posts, fellow 101ers. 🙂