Carlsbad Flower, Drops (Photo of the Day)

drops on orange flower

My contribution to the Postaday Weekly Challenge: Vivid. I originally posted this on my blog on April 13th, but then I got an email today that the photo had won an “award” from Viewbug. Call me cynical, but I’m sure the “award” was more or less arbitrary and just a way to get me to come back to the site. And I will, once I overcome laziness. Nevertheless, I do like this one, and feel I was able to capture what I intended. I’ve always had a thing for water drops.

Taken at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA.

This is Also France (Photo of the Day)

Also France

My contribution to the Postaday Photo Challenge: On The Way.

We landed at the Lyon–Saint-Exupéry Airport at dusk and took a train into the city proper. I was very excited to start using my new camera, and so started taking pictures right away. I would never have though to share such an otherwise non-vacation-looking photo if not for the prompt. It took all of my (meager) Lightroom and Photoshops skills to make it look somewhat presentable.

We loved what our eyes experienced when were in Lyon and Paris, but France is just a place like any other, really: people, industry, infrastructure. Makes it seem so much less exotic, but that can be comforting in a way, if we remember that all of us, everywhere, are pretty much just the same.

Within Blossoms (Photo of the Day)

Within BlossomsMy submission for the Daily Post Photo Challenge theme: Enveloped. I took this a month ago or so when the cherry blossoms were going crazy here in Seattle. For a few days, it felt like the whole neighborhood was covered in a kind of pink snow– without all that bothersome cold. To get this shot, I had to get right inside all of the branches, and I was nearly lost for a few moments, surrounded by the coming spring.