Review: Triple

Triple by Ken Follett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Been trying to write a spy novel, and have been struggling, so I figured I’d read a few. Tried some Len Deighton, but that didn’t go well. Tried this here Ken Follett. Went better. At least I finished the book.

Learned some things. Spy novels always have nuclear weapons in them. At, least, so far, all the one’s I’ve read. This time around, Israel’s trying to get ahold of some. Good for them, I guess. Send in their toughest, hardest, most emotionless agent to pull off the impossible.

Oops, he falls in love along the way. I didn’t care for this part- I’m supposed to be okay with him having the hots for a woman more or less his own age, one who has a young daughter, and then when things don’t work out, and the mother’s dead later, and the daughter’s all grown up? No thanks.

But let’s skip that. Because otherwise, there’s lots of fun to be had. There’s three governments involved, and each government has their inner intrigues. There’s daring-do and dead drops, subterfuge, intrigue insubordination, gun fights. You know, spy stuff.

So, all told, not a bad little primer for a wannabe like myself. And for you hard-core spy novel fans. Well, I’m guessing you’ve already read this one. It’s a classic.

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